Face of Extraordinary: Volunteers

Face of Extraordinary: Volunteers


Paperback book: 

Inspired by the courageous Black Saturday volunteer firefighters in Victoria risking their lives day and night to save people, homes and wildlife, artist Stephanie Galloway Brown embarked upon a journey to paint the portraits of 22 extraordinary volunteers, capturing their personal stories, motivations and essence. Each volunteer eagerly shared the heartfelt dedication to their cause and hope for a better community. Rarely do we hear about their relentless crusades or acts of kindness, yet their personal journeys give us hope and inspiration. Although their voices may be small, if we expand our awareness enough to hear their message we’ll find our mentors, leaders, change makers and innovators. They may appear surprisingly ordinary but pave the way for future generations. Perhaps in time we will learn to celebrate these everyday people that make an extraordinary difference.


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ISBN: 978-0-646-59044-8  Edited by Nicole Morandin,

Reader Reviews

I’m compelled to pick up your book and flick through the pages whenever I walk past it. While there is safety and comfort in mediocrity you have reminded us all that we only need do a little extra every day for someone else or a particular cause to make a remarkable difference in this world (even if only to a small group in our community). Reading each of these stories is like peaking through the hedges of someone else’s life and discovering something special, expanding our mind through other people’s experiences. Small acts of kindness, innovative thoughts and deeds ... giving of yourself without expecting anything in return. Thank you for producing something I can give to my niece to read if ever in her life she feels small, sad or needs inspiration and hope to get through a hard day.- Nic.
An artistic friend borrowed my copy of your book last week & she thought it was fabulous, fantastic etc. She was particularly intrigued with the use of oil crayons & has gone & ordered herself some to try. We both enjoyed reading all about all the wonderful volunteers. Makes me wonder what I could do. Perhaps it will inspire lots of other people to do likewise. - Louise Howarth
I was thrilled to get a copy of your book, Face of the Extraordinary today! I’ve read a couple of the stories and look forward to reading more. What a huge project this has been for you and obviously your family as well. Not only are the portraits superb but the interviews are well written and give the reader a glimpse into the lives of these wonderful people. You, and they are an inspiration! - Nell Hunter