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Living is Giving - Angela Van Boxtel

Living in the moment - Angela Van Boxtel, wax & oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cm ©Stephanie Brown

As any parent knows work and family are difficult to juggle, but for Angela Van Boxtel she'd have it no other way. She's always there to pick her boys up from school and always volunteering for an arts project in her Manly community.

Angela and I met recently at a beachside cafe in Manly with our kids in tow. While the kids happily amused themselves in the sand in their own little world, we kept a watchful eye nearby enjoying a coffee and of course the magical scenery. Angela shared insightful observations and chatted about living her dream life here in Australia.

"There's so much I could tell you,
But in the end, it's a feeling that I can't describe,
'Living is Giving'
Isn't that what connects all us volunteers".

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