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The Impossible Pie Lady - Cherie Graham

The Impossible Pie Lady - Cherie Graham, wax & oil on canvas, 40 x 40, ©Stephanie Brown

Sometimes life just doesn't go to plan and the unexpected disasterhappens. Many people now are living week to week, one pay cheque awayfrom the street. So what if you find yourself down on your luck and needa comforting hand to help get you back on track?

That's when you'd meet extraordinary people like Cherie Graham.Cherie has dedicated the last thirty years to volunteer work, Giving hertime to such charities as Lifeline and St Vincent de Paul. She was alsothe first women President at St Vincent de Paul, Brookvale, a positionshe held for five years.

It was a pleasure to meet Cherie and she was kind enough to share her story with us.

"We pass this way but once, any kindness we can do, do it now."

"When I was a child I imagined there were thousands of pennieshidden in our house, like Scrooge McDuck all shiny in a big tin chest.Then my Grandmother told me that we were actually poor and we had tosave the pennies to buy things. She always gave me what I wanted thoughand if I liked the red coat with the fur collar she would have paid itoff over years. She would say 'if you owed it, you didn't own it'.

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