Beyond St Albans

Beyond St Albans, oil on board, 6 x 6"

Sometimes on a whim I get in the car and drive, if its a nice day or I just want to see somewhere different. On this day I went North of Sydney and veered off the freeway towards Wiseman's ferry and thought what if I just kept on going. So I did. I had to cross a river on a car ferry & kept driving north until I came to an old historic pub called St Albans but kept going. Eventually I hit dirt road but kept going winding along a river bank for miles and not another car in sight. Came around a bend and ran into a herd of cows & had to stop. One even stuck its head in the car window as they dawdled past me so I gave it a pat and then kept going. At the top of the mountain I came across some run down shacks just as the light was dropping and here I stopped for a while taking in the peace, quiet, beauty and solitude. Days like this are absolute bliss.