Finding Inspiration in Country NSW.

Got a chance to embrace the serenity of the countryside recently. The family packed the car & traveled off to the brother-in-laws little wisteria clad cottage. Four long hours out of Sydney listening to the chorus of "are we there yet" we finally made it. Tucked away in the back & beyonds between the cadmium deep fields of canola in a place called Bendick Murrell central western NSW.  Not being a morning person, & without coffee, I somehow, managed to drag myself out of bed the next morning before the sun peaked over the distant mountain in waited in anticipation to catch the golden hues that would soon cascade over the country plains. Then in a twinkling it happened, breathtaking, crisp & fresh, bringing with it waves of creative inspiration. Something about simple peace, so calming and re energising that brings you back to centre, & connects you back to all that is beautiful in our world.

Golden morning glow over Bendick Murrell

Off the sheeps back.