Artist/Author's Talk at The Art Shop Mona Vale

Face of Extraordinary: Volunteers by Stephanie Brown"I can't believe that it's really finally happening. The portraits and stories I've worked so hard on over the last two years are now a reality"...local artist and author Stephanie Brown speaking about her series of portraits and newly published book Face of Extraordinary: Volunteers.

The Art Shop Mona Vale invites you to an inspiring Artist/Author's Talk at 11am Wednesday 16th January. 

Inspired by the courage of volunteer fire fighters during the Black Saturday fires in Victoria, Stephanie Brown has completed a series of portraits of the fire fighters along with other extraordinary volunteers from our community. Stephanie's book tells the stories of many volunteers who work for various non-profit organisations and groups in the Northern Beaches area, accompanied by their portraits.

This Wednesday January 16th Stephanie will be in The Art Shop giving a talk about her painting practice, the story of her book, and news of her upcoming portraiture classes. Starting in February Stephanie will be teaching how to draw and paint the face from her studio in Narrabeen.
Come along and join us for this inspiring morning in The Art Shop, meet Stephanie and see some of her extraordinary portraits of extraordinary people.
Please call us on 9979 6559 to reserve your seat.
We look forward to seeing you here in the arcade at 20 Bungan Street Mona Vale.