Face of Extraordinary: Volunteers, Exhibition & Book Launch

I can't believe that it's really finally happening. The portraits and stories I've worked so hard on over the last two years are now a reality. One more week to go and it's exhibition and book launch time.

I was so worried the book wouldn't make it back on time from the printers but it has and it looks great. Wow, did we really pull this together? I'm so grateful to my amazing editor Nicole Morandin who worked hard and fast in the final days to get it to print on time. Nothing like a bit of pressure to make you feel alive. Working with someone who thinks punctuation is something that happens to a car tyre is challenging at the best of times.

Most of all I'm so very grateful to all the volunteers who shared their incredible stories and beautiful faces. I've always had a soft spot for portraying the real heroes. Many of the volunteers will be at the opening exhibition and the authors talk to sign your books so hope you can make it and meet some inspiring people from our community.

See you there!