Portrait of PJ

PJ, Oil on Linen, ©Stephanie Brown 2011

Living in Sydney is not exactly the place to find a thoroughbred horse when you just happen to need one, but as luck would have it and after a little bit of asking around, I came across a lady called Soo Broster of Ardis Equestrian in nearby Terry Hills.

Soo is like the horse whisper, an extraordinary person full of compassion, kindness, patience and love for her horses. She was kind enough to spare time in her busy coaching schedule to introduce me to ‘PJ’, one of two thoroughbreds she has on her property.
(I suddenly have a memory flashback to childhood when my grandfather’s cranky Clydesdale, called Buster, had mistaken my blonde strawberry locks for a bail of hay.)
“I bought ‘PJ’,” said Soo, “or ‘Ardis Party Jester’ which is his competition name, in memory of my dad whose initials were PJ. ‘Light of Fortune’ was his racing name. As soon as I first saw PJ there was just something I loved about him. He's just beautiful and so easy to have around. I like to follow my gut instinct and I've had no regrets.”

“He's dressage and show jumped successfully to decent levels and was one of my competition horses until I decided to move him off the team because of injuries and coupled with his attitude, which is 'I don't really like working very hard'. Now I lease him to a young girl who takes care of him, rides him and learns all about horses.
“PJ’s very personable, likes to come and say hello, loves cuddles and loves people, an absolute sweetheart. He'd even sit on the lounge with you if he could." 

Stephanie's an exhibitor and committee member of Portrait Artists Australia and also available for Animal Portraits.