The Water Boy - Anthony Petrolo


Man on a Mission - Anthony Petrolo, Wax and oil, 40 x 40 cm ©Stephanie Brown

Next, I met Anthony Petrolo, young and full of that youthful enthusiasm, on a mission to better the environment and happy to speak on behalf of his generation. Anthony recently had a wonderful offer from the NSW Greens to run as a candidate for the NSW Legislative Council.

One thing for sure he's passionate about his cause's. Whether it's Clean up Australia, Bush Regeneration or promoting his folding bike, his concerns for the environment are to be commended.

Anthony generously arrived bearing gifts. One of those trendy reusable coffee mug and a BPA free bundy water bottle from the bottled water free town Bundanoon. So no more excuses for coffee cups and water bottles to the landfill from me. From now on I've got a clear conscience. Well, I'm working on it.

Anthony had lots to chat about and is definitely not one to shy from conversation about conservation.