The Misfit - Jeff Ryan

JeffRyan LR.jpg

The Misfit - Jeff Ryan, oil and wax on canvas, 40 x 40 cm © Stephanie Brown

Misfit Aid is a non-for-profit organisation founded in 2010, their mission is to ‘harness the resources of the surf community to impact the global community'. Their key focus areas are disaster relief, empowerment of the world's less fortunate and to provide assistance to other socially conscious charities and organisations working around the globe.

I recently caught up with Jeff Ryan. He'd just returned from a trip to Chile, South America with a bunch of guys, surfing. Well, that's not entirely true, mostly they do a lot of hard work and then they go surfing. Chile had been devastated by a massive 8.8 earthquake.  So Jeff and a group of volunteers from 'Misfit Aid' went to help the Chilean people rebuild their community and get their lives back on track.

Since Chile, we have sadly witnessed even more devastating earthquakes in Indonesia, New Zealand and Japan. It's hard not to feel overwhelmed when reminded how fragile we are against the destructive forces of nature. Growing up in New Zealand was about living life on the fault line and I got to endure my fair share of earthquakes. Even a small one is nothing short of terrifying.

Jeff's motto however is to just go and do the next thing that comes along, helping one person at a time who needs help. I listened as Jeff kindly shared his inspiring story with me, while enjoying a sumptuous cappuccino at his Sugarmill surf shop in Narrabeen. 100% of the coffee shop profits go to support the projects of MISFIT AID.

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