The Stage Hand - Lynda Sawle

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The Stage Hand - Lynda Sawle, oil & wax on canvas, 40 x 40cm, the 'Face of the Extraordinary' - community series © Stephanie Brown 2011

Next I found myself heading off to rehearsals at the Northern Beaches Youth Theatre Narrabeen, where I met an extraordinary energetic little lady called Lynda Sawle. "Oh, I forgot you were coming" said Lynda and before I could say "no worries" she had leapt across the stage to catch a falling prop in mid air with one hand while fixing a wardrobe malfunction with the other. So I settled myself back into a chair and thought well, so this is show biz.

There was a flurry of twelve excited kids doing their first and very noisy dress rehearsal. Tony the director was constantly yelling "quiet back stage" and "exit". With all the last minute emergencies, missing props, missing marker pens, safety pins and kids whinging about smelly costumes.  I was exhausted just watching the chaos unfold. 

So I met Lynda again a few days later without the chaos and the kids. I found out she'd lived in my street 25 years earlier, so after a brief history lesson Lynda chatted about volunteer life with the theatre.