Three Cheeky Monkey's


Details: graphite on paper, 78 x 56cm

Three cheeky monkey's is a drawing about milestones. It was inspired by the realisation, that as a parent, there comes a time when your baby is just no longer a baby. There's the increasing inquisitiveness about the fascinating world around them when sadly you realise, they're going to find out the world's not just about Santa Claus, dress ups, lollipops and fairy dust or always a nice fluffy place to live in. They hear things they shouldn't. See things which leave a lasting impression and they always manage to repeat something completely inappropriate in the worst possible place which leaves you spluttering. This drawing is an amusing depiction about kids who have so many questions about everything and sometimes you can't always seem to come up with a sensible or logical answer. You'd just prefer they see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.

Three Cheeky Monkey's was a finalist in the Mortimore art prize 2008.