Milli, Tess and Lollipop

Thought I'd just dig back into the archives and put up an old one now and then. This is Milli, she's about 4 in this portrait. Such a lovely little girl, dark curly locks and almost black eyes. I remember she was really enjoying this day which completely took me by surprise. Normally she's so shy and reserved but really came out of her shell. I'm always a bit nervous before doing the kids portraits, there's always that element of surprise as you never know what your going to get on the day. They're a real challenge, keep me on my toes. When you allow them to have free reign their personalities always shine through. I love it when their hairs all messy, stuff all over their faces and shoes on the wrong feet. Thats what being a kids all about. Milli's a bit of a deep thinker, an old soul, so it was nice to try and capture that side of her. Grace is her younger sister who is as cute as a button. We'll probably paint Grace's portrait soon too as she's almost the same age now. Keep and eye out for that one.