Unsung Heroes Exhibition, Parliament House Canberra

The Fire Fighters, oil on canvas, 153 x 122cm

The Fire Fighters, CFA Volunteers Victoria,
So you think you’re not heroes!
You, who braved the most tragic and blackest day in Australia’s history;
You, who fight on adrenaline, guts and determination;
You, who suffer the pain of choking smoke, raining fire, and sweat from 47 degrees;
You, who battle tirelessly to save our homes, our lives, our wildlife;
You, who, exhausted and anguished, keep going to help your mates;
You, who look into the face of despair, heartbreak and horror.
Well to you, the Victorian CFA volunteer firefighters, and the hundreds of others just like you who came from all over Australia to fight the ferocious Victorian fires, we say thank you.
You truely are ‘Our Unsung Heros’.

The Fire Fighters painting has been selected to be part of the Unsung Hero Exhibition, Parliament House Canberra with a portrait of the CFA volunteer firefighters Victoria which is run by Portrait Artists Australia. The exhibition is open to the public from the 2nd of September to the 29 September 2009. Catch it if you can.