Portrait Painting Class

  • 22 Eungai Place North Narrabeen, NSW, 2101 Australia

The focus of this portrait class will be on drawing and painting methods working from reference supplied by the tutor. Students will explore the unique likeness and character of the face and work to challenge their perception and develop observation skills essential in portraiture. Students will also explore the building of forms and how the individual features relate to each other. An emphasis will be placed on understanding the structure of the face. Classes are kept small to allow for more one on one instruction.  Students will focus on practicing drawing the portrait before moving on to oil painting or medium of choice. Instruction will include the paint palette, colours, mediums, and paint supports. This class is designed so students can develop an understanding of how to advance through the step by step stages of a producing a portrait from which they can evolve to a point of discovering their own style in preferred medium of choice.

This class supports painting in the students preferred medium of oil, acrylic, pastel, charcoal or graphite.